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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use My own assistant through Telegram?

Absolutely! My own assistant is designed to be your versatile sidekick. Connect and manage your reservations seamlessly through both Telegram.

Can I use My own assistant through WhatsApp?

Currently not supported! Stay tuned for WhatsApp availability in the future.

Is My own assistant capable of making reservations and cancellations?

Indeed! My own assistant is your all-in-one reservations expert. From booking a table to canceling a reservation, your virtual assistant has got it covered.

Can I chat with My own assistant like a real person?

Absolutely! Engage in natural and friendly conversations with My own assistant. It's not just a chatbot; it's your virtual concierge ready to assist.

Is there a transcription feature for calls?

You bet! My own assistant ensures accuracy by providing call transcriptions. Confirm your reservation details hassle-free.

What if I have a unique request for My own assistant?

My own assistant thrives on uniqueness! Share your special requests, preferences, and let your virtual assistant tailor the reservation experience according to your liking.

Can I get alerts for my upcoming reservations?

Absolutely! My own assistant keeps you in the loop with timely alerts. Never miss a dining opportunity again.

Is there documentation available for using My own assistant?

Yes! We've got you covered. Explore our comprehensive documentation to make the most out of My own assistant. Check it out here.